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EX UTERO by Dark Soul Dance Theatre

on Mars & Beyond Immersive Art Show in Bargehouse

7th and 14th of March, 9pm

In a post apocalyptic future four adult children born and bred by technological devices are crawling out into the world. Yet still tied to the artificial womb by the digital umbilical cord they are stretching the bond , instinctively searching for human carnal connection. When the cord is severed – will they survive the journey on their own? Will they find and save each other, stay co dependant or wither without their digital mother?

This post apocalyptic fairy tale is inspired by the influence of technology on human relations and the correlation between dependence on digital devices and lack of love and connection within ourselves.

Direction: Zuza Tehanu
Performing : Arthur Verron , Lian Blue, Joshua Ashley and Zuza Tehanu
Music: Tomasz Brajter
Stage design: Zuza Tehanu

Dark Soul Dance Theatre
Performative group and production company initiated in 2010 by Zuza Tehanu, creating theatre shows, videos and immersive events.
Their theatre works are deeply emotional and spiritual, seeking fundamental answers to human condition in a modern world. Often very abstract, without an obvious storyline, relating to our subconscious and instinct, rather than to a conscious mind.

Tickets Ł15/20



MIRE show in Etcetera Theatre


My performance “Mire” was chosen to be a part of #BlackBox festival in Etcetera Theatre Camden showing on the 14th and 15th of January at 4:30pm!!!!!

Book You ticket by the link below:
Event details:


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BlackBox – Mire

at Etcetera Theatre (Above the Oxford Arms), 265 Camden High Street NW1 7BU

Dates & Times:

Saturday 14th January at 4:30pm

Sunday 15th January at 4:30pm


General Admission £8 + booking fees


Spiritual dance theatre performance “Mire” created by Zuza Tehanu is based on a deep internal search for feminine power and archaic intuitive wisdom.  Through following the impulses and feelings coming from the performer’s own body the artist tried to identify the struggles that women experienced through the ages on the path of becoming more powerful and connecting to their inner knowledge. The female body then became the main subject of the study, as the artist believes that those struggles are imprinted into the bodies of all women collectively. Therefore the performance became a diary of a very personal journey to overcome the obstacles on the way to discover the feminine true self.
This one-dancer Performance is an interdisciplinary creation combining very organic, contemporary dance, theatre and singing with some originally composed music and poetry:

Her water spilled

Her matter embraced the ground

Her body became a mud

And from the mud back it came

For She is the Creator

She is the feelings of Mother Earth

The beginning and the end

The Goddess, the obstacle, the transition

Woman, in her pure, timeless being.

Music by Zuza Tehanu and Tomasz Brajter

“rhythmical performance, a whirlwind of forceful energy, hypnotic, alive, intense energy, rhythmical energy, powerful, very powerful…” THE ORGAN


MIRE SHOW coming soon!!!

Video promo for  “Mire” coming to Etcetera Theatre Camden on the 14th and 15th of January at 4:30pm. Music made by Zuza Tehanu and Tomasz Brajter.

Don’t forget to book Your ticket! –



I will be performing my new solo work “Yarners” on the 16th of March on the Action Peupleuse event hosted in The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3BL London.


The event will feature women artists this time and will start at 8pm.


Women’s bodies.
Bodies of pain not expressed ,
Bodies of joy and pleasure suppressed ,
Bodies of stories never said and
Bodies that never shout out
But are shouted at
To shut them up

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Fire Breathing and Body burning workshop

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 We would like to invite You to our 2-hour Fire breathing and Body burning workshop with an amazing performer and instructor Jole PJ Pascale.  

The workshop will take place on the 23rd of March at 11am in a warehouse in South London.
In a private location and in a small group of people You will learn all the do’s and dont’s and practise under the supervision of the experienced teacher. After this workshop You will know all the safety precautions and You will be able to perform both Fire Breathing and Body Burning.

This is the opportunity to learn those specific

Fire Show techniques quickly, safely and at a reasonable cost.

So if you are a performer and want to add something extra to Your show , if You like to play with fire and want to show off on a party or You just want to try something new in Your life – this workshop is for You!

Cost : £50
Duration: 2 hours
Location : South London (address will be sent after a confirmed booking)


For more information and videos check the facebook event:
Hope to see You there!


“Aisle of Penumbra” art films

We were very lucky to work with two fanstastic film makers, who filmed our show in Hackney Marshes on the 2nd of November 2014 and made an art video out of it.

FIrst one , made by Tom Bra

Second made by Andrey Kurochkin

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“Aisle of Penumbra” – more on the All hollows day

ulotka copy

open air, immersive, ritual performance

When the Dusk is due and the Night eats the Day
When the bats are circling and the Moon finds its way
When the time is right and the Raven screams its song
They’re gathering in Power Place, They’re coming along! 

Everyone is welcome to join the Weird Sisters in their Ritual Dance . 
Bring Your soul, Bring Your greatest dreams and Your biggest failuers, don’t leave anything behind because on the Day of All Souls we will contect with the other Side , we will soothe and nourish the Dead and the Lost , we will merge, what once was broken and we will unearth, what once was forgotten. 
Do not fear though- The Ones that once have been alive , will guide us, as we will quide the living, after we pass one day. 

Zuza Tehanu 
Anie Lica , Eva Lis , Emiliyah , Zuza Tehanu
Drums: Trevor Allman

Performance starts at 5pm, 
No late commers will be let in. 

Hackney Marshes Filter Beds Circle 
(map will be posted closer to the date)

Free entry


“Gate of Penumbra” – new show on the Halloween Weekend


Some where between the Light and a total Darkness, they gathered to open the Gate.
They danced in the Penumbra, balancing at the edge of worlds….
Who are the creatures that dared to touch the place unknown , the place denied?

Direction: Zuza Tehanu
Performing: Zuza Tehanu, Anna Lickiewicz, Sylwia Kocimska, Nitka Nitecki
Music: Dead Can Dance, Kevin Macleod


We are perfomring our new show ‘Gate of Penumbra” on two different parties on the Halloween weekend:

31.10 StagsHead Hoxton . 10pm, free entry


More info


01.11 Trispace Gallery , 9pm. donation for artists £3


More info:


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“Cardiac Syndrome X” on Hackney Wicked Art Festival !!!!!

HWAF 300

Dark Soul Dance Theatre will perform “Cardiac Syndrome X” on this year’s HACKNEY WICKED ART FESTIVAL on the 3rd of August, at 7pm,on the Main Stage in Foreman’s Yard. 

Wicked Main Stage 
Hackney WickED Riviera, Forman’s Yard, Forman’s Fish Island,
Stour Road, London, E3 2NT
Entry is free.

Festival programme:

Facebook event:

poster-cardiac-dsdt hacwic


After watching “Cardiac Syndrome X”:

“Dark and disturbing, but very powerfull piece” – Nilesh Vasave, film director

“You never know what to expect from Zuza and Dark Soul Dance Theatre ” – Mark Bean, Trispace Gallery owner

More pictures HERE


poster cardiac dsdt

Premiere of “Cardiac Syndrome X”

The premiere of our show is coming on the 15th of March 2014.

Dark Soul Dance Theatre will be performing “Cardiac Syndrome X” on the 15th and 17th of March at 8pm in Trispace gallery, as a part of Pure Performance festival.

The event is free.

Details HERE


poster ep1 ver1

We finnished filming our movie “Through”.

It is in production now, we are waiting to announce the premiere date.


New Project!!!!! Dark Soul Dance Theatre is filming and producting the series of short movies by the working title “Through”.

First episode is planned to hit the web in February 2014.

We gathered a fantastic crew of 18 people. We have many new actors and many of our long engaged ones as well. First filming day is planned for 13th of July. Expect a regular update over here!:)


Filming of our performance “We bring the breed vol.2”

On the 28 of June and 1st of July we are filming our performace and plan to make a short dance movie. Our film maker is David Femy. We expect the movie to be in production for a longer while, so let’s be patitent:)



Premiere of “We bring the breed vol.2” on Chaos Control on the 11th of June 2013, event by London Visual Art – LovArts in Cafe1001 on Brick lane.

We were invited and had a pleasure to perform on this multidisciplinary event in Cafe 1001 on Brick lane.

Our performance “We bring the breed vol.2” is a new version of WBTB for just two dancers – Ola Krawczyk and Zuza Tehanu and the subject and choreography is more explored and evolved. We had a great time and the space was full up by the audience 🙂

More information about the event:

And LoVArts


Meet Zuza Tehanu, founder of Dark Soul Dance Theatre and take part in a discussion on the Meet You Polish Neigbour event, part of the University College London festival.

“Almost Everything on Polish language, habits and contemporary culture You Always Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask”

This is your chance for an interdisciplinary meeting with screening, reading, performance, presentations and discussion as to get familiar with Polish culture and language, as the second largest language in UK.
The UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) is the largest centre for teaching Polish culture in UK.
It is also acts as a hub to promote and connect various artists, thinkers and activists within Polish culture.
London has never been as Polish as it is now! Come and see it!

Saturday May 11th

1pm-2pm: Mally Yina in discussion with Urszula Chowaniec
2pm-3pm: Theatre, Performance, Film. Meet the Polish Artists

Sunday May 12th

3pm-4pm: LoVArts presents Polish Visual Artists
4pm-5pm: Between the words and performance (Marek Kaźmierski, Wioletta Grzegorzewska and Zuza Tehanu)

Zuza Tehanu will present video fragments from the performnce “We bring the breed” and “The Path”.




Succesful performance of Project Anna on Babski Sped Art Festival, 11 May 2013, Mile End Art Pavilion!!!

Project Anna – collaboration between Paulina Palian, fashion designer, Ewa Bathelier, painter and Zuza Tehanu, performer and choreographer, founder of Dark Soul Dance Theatre.

The result – dance fashion show, story of a evolution of a woman, emotionally strong and visually stunning performance.

More details:

Project Anna:

Babski Sped:


“We bring the breed” on Dark Soul Night. Inner Reality.

Saturday the 23rd, 6pm, Vibe gallery859043_10151389753597707_1264836558_o

more info:

Vibe gallery
N001The Biscuit Factory
Tower Bridge Business Centre
100 Clements road
SE16 4DG

one day – £ 8
two days – £ 12


“We bring the breed” on Freak Art Show!!!

09.02.2013 / SATURDAY /
10 P.M – 9 A.M /£5 AT THE DOOR

Main event:

Secret location – adress through facebook messeges only.



“We bring the breed”  , Art Cabaret, 02.02.2013, 7:30pm , Vibe gallery

res poster

We come here , brought by unknown fatal force. As a part of everything we are born, and we love, fight and die. We create and express our love into being. We make the biggest sacrifice of all – we give our life to experience death.

Direction: Zuza Tehanu
Choreography and dancing: Jayne Bennet, Katarzyna Kaszowska, Zuza Tehanu, Sylwia       Kocimska
Music: D.Rich live guitar, Future Sound of London

Vibe gallery
N001The Biscuit Factory
Tower Bridge Business Centre
100 Clements road
SE16 4DG




Dark Soul Dance Theatre in an association with Vibe gallery, would like to invite artists for a collaboration. We are looking for fine art, dance, theatre, interior design,installation,video, photography,life music, dj’s and many more, we are open to any form of art.

We are preparing a big weekend of celebration events on the 23-24th of March 2013 which will be a combination of activities for people, exhibition, performance, music and party, with Dancing in the Dark session on the first day and Slow Art on the second day.

We are looking for artists or group of artists who would like to develop their project or make a completely new one and get involved with other artists to create whole new dimension for the final two-days event. We would like all the projects to combine and create a whole new dimension, a world separate from ours, a life-changing experience for people entering it.


The theme we are interested in is SPIRITUALITY IN ART. If there is something you always wanted to share – a dream that changed your life, an experience you never told anyone about, vision in trance state of mind, inexplicable events, intuitive knowledge – you can express that all through art with us and share with people on that special weekend where spirit meets art. _______________________________________________________

We are looking for ideas that are innovative and brave, especially welcome any ideas that involve the audience and are deeply spiritual.
All the projects can be developed and/or finalized in a Vibe Gallery space on the 20-23 of March. There will be an opportunity to meet all together, discuss the ideas and collaborations, have a time for your own exploration or rehearsals.

We can pay part of the artists expenses depending on the events tickets sell. Besides showing your work on the event you will also have a promotion on the Vibe Gallery website.

We are waiting for your proposals – a clear description of your idea, photos, contact details and links to your previous works – until the 9th of February. We will announce the chosen artists on the 10th of February 2013.

Please send your proposals to:


“The Path”  will be performed on Dark Soul Night in Vibe Gallery on the 24th of Nobember 2012, it is a donation event – we are collecting money for the dance floor.

“Dark Soul Dance Theatre is organizing a night of dance and live music. We want not only to show some great dance and theatre pieces and musical performances, but also to have a chat all together, and a joined dance-music improvisation jam at the end. The idea is to create a space for all creative people to socialize, network, talk, collaborate, exchange experiences and show even a draft of work on this rather informal evening”

Line up:

Dark Soul Dance Theatre – “The Path”
Eddie Saint-Jean – “The Accidental Basquiat Club” with Emma Jane Sullivan
Adam – ghost solo guitar experience
Figmentation group – “Figmentation”- dance and live music
collaboration with Nano Projections by

It is a charity event – we collected money for a new dance floor for the gallery!!!

Facebook event:


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